» DIY shows hit tradespeople.
Morning Bulletin 9 July 2014 - Written by Rachael Conaghan

Jason Fisher Painting - Rockhampton Painting Service - DIY shows hit tradespeople - Morning Bulletin

Hurriedly splashing a coat of paint on a wall may look like a piece of cake for The Block contestants.

But Rockhampton house painter Jason Fisher says his trade is not as easy as it looks.

Regardless, the owner of Jason Fisher Painting said DIY renovators are one of the reasons hehind a downturn in the Central Queensland industry.

Statistics from, Australia's largest marketplace for trade providers, said a number of renovation industries have seen prices drop nationally, making renovations more affordable than ever.

House painting experienced the biggest drop, reportedly 7.58% cheaper year on year and quarter on quarter.

Electricians are 4.31% cheaper, landscapers are 3.07% cheaper and gyprocker are 0.81% cheaper.

Jason said he doesnt think prices had dropped that much in the Rockhampton area of the past year.

But he said business definately could not charge any more than they had been.

"The industry is tight at the moment, a lot of people are just covering costs," he said

"DIY has taken a lot out of the market...Better Homes and Gardens and The Block have a bit of an influence."

"But people soon realise its not as easy as you think"

Jason said a lot of people underestimate the work that goes into painting a house, and they often get calls from people who have only half finished the job themselves.

He's also been to a lot of jobs where people have been ripped off by dodgy painters.

He said unlicensed tradies doing jobs for cash were one of their biggest problems as they dont operate with overhead costs like Public Liability or Work Cover.

Jason said these overheads took out about 20% to 30% of his profit.

"Painters get it the worst because every Joe Blow thinks he's a painter after he's painted his mates house," he said.

Jason recommended people ring suppliers like hardware stores to find good tradespeople.